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Volunteer At Scouters

We absolutely love to have volunteers at Scouters Mountain Elementary! Whether it's in the classroom, on a field trip, school events, or Parent Watch, we appreciate the time our families give to our students, teachers and staff. It's our volunteers that help make our community Coyote Strong!

What You Need To Know


Please click on the links below to learn more about the policies and procedures for volunteering in North Clackamas Schools and be sure to complete and download all required application forms.

Volunteer Forms & Links

The following forms MUST be reviewed, completed and turned into the office before you can volunteer at the school for any activity.

IMPORTANT, Please Read:

Any volunteer who is NOT THE PRIMARY GUARDIAN OF A STUDENT must complete a criminal background check form, which is part of the Online Volunteer Application.

Any volunteer who ACCOMPANIES STUDENTS ON A FIELD TRIP must also complete the Online Volunteer Application, even if they are the primary caregiver of a student..

NCSD Volunteer Application w/Background Check

NCSD Volunteer Handbook

NCSD Volunteer Website


To find ways to help at Scouters, check out the Events tab or contact your child's teacher. You can also email us at:

School Bus


The mission of this program is simple:

To provide an additional layer of security to our students and staff at our school.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today there is an extended level of vigilance needed at our schools to keep our students, staff and teachers safe. This is a program that will be externally focused on the security around our school.

The biggest need for this newly established program is volunteers. If you are interested to learn more and/or get involved or have other family members that can help, please contact:

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